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well damn, I haven’t been on here in a really long time. Just so everyone knows I had my first gender therapy. It went amazing, i’ll hopefully be transitioning in about 3-6 months. other than that life is okay. right now I’m in a funk dealing with the ups and downs of being bipolar. I have cut all contact from my real parents due to what I saw them saying about me. I just really wanna know why its so hard for them to just love me but, one thing I do know for sure is that I can go on and be stronger from this. I’ve lost alot of people this year and gained only a few but, thank you to the ones who have stuck around. I feel lost at times but, something in me keeps me pushing. the memories will always be in my head and I can’t seem to forget them :( its really hard to just forget right now. I feel like a emotional wreck here lately, can’t tell if I’m just going through a bipolar episode or something is triggering me :/ meh. well, enough of my life. I gotta get to bed. work in the A.M.

Anonymous asked: wht are you done with



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Click here for more relatable!


Anonymous asked: no i don't want to.


Anonymous asked: whats wrong

some things. come of anon


by the sea, Mr. Todd. <3

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